Marital Bliss

The Game for Couples.

A memorable gift for weddings, anniversaries, and Tuesdays


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What is Marital Bliss?

Traditionally, if you want to play a game for couples you are stuck with two options: you either have to play an uncomfortable and embarrassing "relationship-building" game, or an over-the-top sex game that makes 50 Shades of Grey seem like a children's book. Isn't it time for a game that's a little more light-hearted?


Give a Gift that's sure to be remembered!

Marital Bliss is a unique and memorable gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and more.


The Finks

Hi, we're the Finks and we're gamers. When we couldn't find a fun game for couples, we built our own. We worked hard on the game, shot our own low-budget video, launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, and now here we areproud to offer Marital Bliss as a free download, and as a professionally printed and illustrated game. Keep scrolling down to find everything you need to play!

In a nutshell

What makes Marital Bliss fun?
  • Play for Days!
    The Timeframe

    You play for days, not hours.

    Marital Bliss is played over a week. That’s right, seven days.

  • Missions
    The Secret Missions

    "Was that your mission?"

    At the beginning of the week you draw missions. They are mostly nice things to do for each other and around the home. Each mission is worth points based on difficulty.

  • Strategy
    The Strategy

    Better marriages through subterfuge™

    Here’s the catch – you have to complete your missions in secret! The whole week you are trying to guess your partner’s missions while completing your own.

  • Rewards
    The Reveal

    "Who wins the reward?"

    If you guess your spouse’s mission, it’s not worth any points. That’s crucial because the winner with the most points gets a real reward to use whenever he or she wants.

The word on the street

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